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Here I am with a British hide or horned shield that I made.  The shape and paint design is based from one of the votive shields found.  The size and shape makes for a shield that is to be used in an aggressive manor. 


This is a shield based on examples that can be found on the Arch at Orange.  The front face of the shield is covered in leather and the edges are thick rawhide.  The whole thing was then painted with milk paint. 


This is my first La Tene style shield and would fit in well in the early part of the period.  The heavy rawhide rim would deflect the majority of any cuts and the rest would cause little in the way of damage.  It is a tank!!!

Here is one of my very first shields that I need better pictures taken of it.  Pretty typical Viking age round shield, plank construction with a rawhide rim. 


This is my first attempt at an Iberian long styled shield.  This was also my first try at a metal shield rim and I don't plan to do another anytime soon.  I was trying to recreate the strapping that can be seen in Iberian artwork, but I'm still unsure of how well it would have worked.   I went with two hand straps that can be seen used in some depictions.  However this really isn't something that I like as it isn't very stable unless you have a spear behind it.  There may be a good reason a spear is shown held vertically in the hand as well.  The shield was painted using powdered pigments mixed into milk paint and then waxed with beeswax.  While it seems that some didn't have umbos like this one, at some point I would like to add one to this shield.  When I get around to adding an umbo I will change it over to a more typical style La Tene handle. 

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